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“Straddling comedy, music and drama is Christopher Grissom’s first feature length movie. Between Notes explores the life of a depressed musician and the change in his life when he meets a fellow musician. From clips we’ve seen so far this looks like it has been well shot and with music provided by lead David Ramirez and Summer Ames providing the singing voice to Brandi Price’s foil this may not just be a film you see but a soundtrack you buy to accompany your whole summer.”

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About the Film

David gave up his dream of becoming a professional musician to keep his relationship, but when that girl left Dallas (and him) to pursue her dream in New York, he’s left wondering where he went wrong. He meets a musician named Annie, and they soon form a friendship in the park, but when she unknowingly moves into the loft above, their feelings are complicated by music, and they’re forced to decide whether they’ve fallen in love with a person or an idea, and if they’re really ready to know the difference.

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Featured Artists

David Ramirez

David Ramirez knows no luxury. He wants no satisfaction. All he needs is an acoustic guitar and the words in his mouth to tell the true stories of a wandering man.

Summer Ames

Summer Ames, the independent artist from Dallas pieces together her own sound that's truly rewarding to hear.

Becky Middleton

Becky's songwriting is so transparent and unpretentious it exudes a brave innocence like her voice itself, a soulful, budding sound.

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